Perigord releases most powerful GLAMS yet – GLAMS 5.0


Perigord releases most powerful GLAMS yet – GLAMS 5.0 Dublin, Ireland – May 05, 2021: Deep search capabilities and extensive integration options amongst suite of enhancements for life science-specific artwork management system GLAMS 5 Perigord announces the release of GLAMS 5.0, the latest update to its industry-leading AMS platform....

Tech Mahindra Acquires Majority Stake in Perigord Life Science Solutions


Tech Mahindra Acquires Majority Stake in Perigord Life Science Solutions Tech Mahindra acquires 70% equity stake to augment domain expertise in the global Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Life Science sectors Dublin – March 15th, 2021: Perigord are happy to announce that Tech Mahindra, a leading provider of digital transformation, consulting,...

Gemeinsam wachsen und Kompetenzen bündeln


Perigord und August Faller gründen Joint Venture für Artwork von Verpackungen und Etiketten März 2019, Waldkirch. Der deutsche Verpackungs-Hersteller August Faller und die Perigord Premedia Ltd. machen gemeinsame Sache: Der irische Anbieter von Artwork-Lösungen für die Life-Science-Branche übernimmt mit sofortiger Wirkung die Anteilsmehrheit an der Tochtergesellschaft August Faller Artwork...

Grow Together and Bundle Competences


Perigord and August Faller Group Announce Joint Venture for Artwork of Packaging and Labels March 2019 – Global Life Science artwork solutions provider Perigord and the Faller Group announce entering a joint venture, with Perigord acquiring a majority stake in August Faller Artwork Solutions (AFAS) GmbH. Perigord – headquartered...

Perigord announces the release of GLAMS CMO


Simplify your artwork process, get closer to your customers and strengthen compliance.   Global Life Science technology company Perigord has just released GLAMS CMO, the latest product in its suite of dedicated Life Science Workflow Management Solutions. GLAMS CMO is a purpose-built artwork process management system designed specifically for...

GLAMS Q offers emerging & small highly regulated Life Science businesses the edge on managing their labelling & artwork process.


Risk in the Life Science supply chain is inevitable. It’s not a matter of if your company is going to manage risk, it’s a matter of how, and more importantly, how well. In terms of potential risk, the packaging and labelling process is one of the most vulnerable elements...

Perigord explains the importance of compliant, validated artwork and labelling solutions in the pharmaceutical sector


Author: Michael Flemming Global Operations Director Perigord The number of pharmaceutical product recalls are growing. Some estimates show that over 50% of recalls are related to pharmaceutical packaging artwork and labelling. How many times have we heard these statistics over the last 20 years? And yet nothing changes. The...

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