GLAMS Q offers emerging & small highly regulated Life Science businesses the edge on managing their labelling & artwork process.

Risk in the Life Science supply chain is inevitable.

It’s not a matter of if your company is going to manage risk, it’s a matter of how, and more importantly, how well.

In terms of potential risk, the packaging and labelling process is one of the most vulnerable elements of a product’s life cycle. The risks, ranging from incorrect or incomplete product information to translation errors or incorrect specifications and versions being used, all share the human element as the consistent point of failure.

Any of these issues can lead to a regulatory breach, a delay in getting a product to market, a recall, or even a critical consequence for the patient. And while the packaging process is designed to identify, eliminate, and correct any potential issues, it is itself subject to the law of unintended consequences, meaning the process itself could cause new defects to be created.

Facing into this scenario, emerging & small pharma businesses looking either to enter the space or continue to flourish in it, need to seize upon any advantage they can get.

“The challenges small pharma companies are facing are clear but daunting,” explained Perigord’s Chief Operations Officer, Suzanne Ivory.

“Foremost amongst them are deciding what processes to put in place; how to meet evolving validation and compliance requirements; and ensuring pharma packaging regulations are adhered to, and will continue to be met in the future. Managing these factors effectively and improving efficiencies can give companies a competitive edge.”

GLAMS Q can provide that edge.

Introducing the latest addition to the Perigord stable of artwork management solutions:

GLAMS Q was specifically built for smaller pharma businesses offering them a solution, validated from day 1, it offers a streamlined solution for getting a company’s packaging process up-and-running with minimum effort and maximum effect.

A proven, cost-effective solution, GLAMS Q is designed specifically to allow users take control of their pharma labelling and artwork management process. The platform provides all the tools required to ensure full compliance with industry regulations and a quick and easy path to adapting the system to constantly shifting regulatory requirements.

GLAMS Q is a secure, fully validated system and the only labelling and artwork management system on the market developed specifically for the Life Sciences industry.

Helping to significantly reduce rework requirements – and therefore reducing overall time-to-market.

GLAMS Q provides users a complete suite of text and graphics comparison tools to complete all their proofreading and quality checks in one place. The tools also allow users to directly annotate artworks and collaborate with others to identify and eliminate errors completely.

Further efficiencies come from quick task assignment, best practice workflows and clear approval stages. GLAMS Q reduces the time and effort spent on tracking sign-off sheets, trawling through emails, searching for master files and interpreting clunky Excel-based trackers.

GLAMS Q offers a lightweight installation process with heavyweight functionality. There are no lengthy install procedures or complex system implementation requirements. The platform comes pre-configured with an two industry best practice workflows allowing users to hit the ground running.

There is also a clearly defined path to progress any instance of GLAMS Q to GLAMS Enterprise, Perigord’s flagship LAMS, so as organisations grow in size and complexity, the platform provides a stable base to keep packaging processes efficient and compliant.

To Celebrate the launch of GLAMS Q, Perigord will be hosting an informative webinar on Thursday 6th of December for Small Businesses entitled “How to Optimise Your Labelling & Artwork Process with Ease”

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Perigord is an Irish company and has been providing artwork solutions for over 40 years, specialising in the Life Science industry for more than a decade. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, it has sales, software development and artwork production hubs across the globe, employing over 330 people full time between its Dublin office, three sites in in the US; and Asia.


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