Take Control of Your Clients Artwork & Labelling with GLAMS CMO

GLAMS CMO is the only labelling artwork management system built specifically for pharma Contract Manufacturing Organisations. GLAMS CMO provides you with a process driven platform enabling you to on board new clients with ease, reduce your artwork revision cycles, and greatly expand your artwork team’s capacity. Our expert implementation team improves and enhances your existing workflows and routine templates, setting you on a path to greater artwork capacity with reduced risk.

Handle more clients artwork, in a validated industry dedicated system, with full reporting functionality that incorporates all your stakeholders. GLAMS CMO enables you to handle more clients and more artwork. GLAMS CMO uses your existing workflows as a foundation for streamlining your processes.

Flexible, Future-proof Platform That Scales With You

You need a system that can accommodate all your different clients, products, components and regulatory demands. GLAMS CMO is a system that is flexible well past launch, able to deal with the inevitability of change in the Life Sciences. You won’t get caught out by a new client in an unfamiliar market on a system that can’t scale with you when you use GLAMS CMO.

GLAMS Digital Assets Repository

Control Your Assets From One Central Digital Assets Library

Every product, component, keyline, brief, SOP and much more all in one place. From client to artwork team to print, keep your master files consistent and get ownership over all your assets through the GLAMS CMO Library. With deep drill-down filters and search and support for a wide variety of files types, the GLAMS CMO Library can help you build a definitive Single Source of Truth that you can trust.

Get the flexibility of a fully digital artwork process – approval that is not only quick and convenient but backed up by full job and user audits. No more fumbling with paper sign-offs, spreadsheets or trackers. Your QA, regulatory, legal and other stakeholders will get email notifications and updates inside GLAMS CMO that ensure they know what they need to approve and when.

Instant, Exportable Reporting

No more scrambling for KPIs and metrics. GLAMS gives you instant, exportable reports on cycle times, right first time, rejection reasons and much more. Quickly identify bottlenecks and where you can improve. Our Business Intelligence module lets you dive even deeper, utilizing your big data to make an informed decision.

GLAMS Analytics Business Intelligence Module

GLAMS + CMO in Action

We moved a large CMO over from a 100% paper-based system, managed by a small team, to a GLAMS CMO platform. That small team gained far greater flexibility and have now expanded their capacity, all while working in a fully validated and compliant system.

Our process experts worked alongside the customer to fit GLAMS CMO around what they do, improving and enhancing routine templates instead of overwriting and creating new ones. The workflows from those sessions were then configured by Perigord and the system went live

‘ Using a validated and industry recognised artwork management system like GLAMS CMO gives you greater peace of mind.

The greatest strength of GLAMS CMO for our client is the ability to quickly bring on board new contract work. Offering the power to alter or create entirely new workflows and routine templates, there is no more scrambling to get to grips with a huge batch of new paperwork.

Increase Your Artwork Capacity, Reduce Costs, Ensure Compliance

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