About Perigord

Perigord is the leading supplier of consultancy and labelling artwork solutions to the pharmaceutical industry worldwide. Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland – Perigord provides pharma solutions and plays a key role in ensuring pharma packaging complies with country regulations locally and globally. Perigord produces artwork solutions to 10 of the world’s leading top 20 pharmaceutical companies.

We work with our clients on everything from setting up their artwork processes and supplying expert resources to product launches and maintaining packaging compliance requirements.  We are driven by a total commitment to quality, cost effectiveness, and compliance. We welcome companies to visit us at our European and US locations.

Alan Leamy


Alan is Perigord’s CEO and has led the group for the last 16 years. He is responsible for the strategic vision of Perigord and has driven the successful positioning of the group as one of the global leaders in the provision of labeling artwork and system support to the Life Sciences industry. Based in Perigord’s headquarters in Ireland, Alan brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to continuing Perigord’s global expansion strategy.


Paul Leamy


Paul is responsible for the creation and development of the company’s software tools. He has many years’ experience in the development of internet-based software and is an industry leader in terms of designing solutions based on the development of web-based workflows. Paul directs a team of developers to deliver new solutions to Perigord’s clients and is responsible for our software product road map.

Michael Fleming

COO, Artwork Division

With over 22 year’s experience in artwork and packaging, Michael was at the helm of the day to day activities in Perigord Premedia Europe for nearly eight years and has now taken responsibility for Global Operations. He brings a wealth of knowledge in relation to artwork and the best way to handle and process it, and is at the forefront of making sure that the solutions we provide are both innovative and efficient.

Suzanne Ivory

COO, Global Software Division

Suzanne has 22 years’ experience as a Quality Manager and has been responsible for implementing and managing quality systems such as ISO 9001:2008 in a range of areas including printing, finishing, packaging and software development. She is a qualified IRCA auditor for ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14000 and PS 9000.

Mark Ennis

Global Business Development Director

Mark is Perigord’s Global Business Development Director. He is responsible for key account management, business management, and development of the pharmaceutical business within Perigord. Mark has worked with Perigord since 1989 and has a wealth of background knowledge of artwork and software services within the pharmaceutical industry.

Martina Forristal

Global Quality Manager

Martina is responsible for maintaining Perigord’s ISO 9001:2015 and PS 9000:2016 standards. She also has responsibility for promoting recognition of Perigord’s quality programs among customers and staff, as well as developing and implementing employee communication and training programs regarding Perigord’s quality objectives, strategies and processes. Martina implemented Perigord’s world class internal metrics programme named ACE (Achieving Client Excellence) which drives Perigord’s internal continuous improvement initiatives. She holds a degree in Chemistry and in Quality Management.

Sam Cole

Head of Professional Services

Sam is the Head of Professional Services for Perigord’s software division and has overall responsibility for the successful delivery of client solutions and building strong long term partnerships with our clients. Sam has over 12 years’ experience in artwork management solutions and has been involved in a number of major global implementations in the Life Science industry. His knowledge and experience in the industry ensures that Perigord’s products and services will stand out from the competition and meet with the high expectations of Perigord’s clients.

Manahor Alaparthi

Software Development Production Manager

Manohar manages Perigord’s software development division and is responsible for day to day development activities, research-based software development activities, and the management of customer support. He is also involved in software development planning, aiding with implementing GLAMS 4 installations and general team management. Manohar has been working with Perigord since 2007 and has been involved in the successful implementation of GLAMS 4 with multiple clients.

Claire Dunne

Global HR Manager

Claire is Global HR Manager and has overall responsibility for the development and delivery of all HR programs globally. Claire has significant previous experience working with multi-national organisations as well as consulting in the SME sector guiding companies through periods of rapid growth and development. Her knowledge and experience in HR ensures that Perigord meets its compliance obligations while also providing the environment and structure to ensure the growth and development of the company and its employees.

Our Partners

Our Values

Perigord is committed to quality in all that we do.

We meet commitments to our customers by responding promptly to their needs.

We strive to create a Positive Working environment where people’s efforts are recognised through learning and growth.

We work hard to be the best.

We promote an honest and open communication culture.

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