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GLAMS Enterprise - Ideal for medium to large companies

Your labelling and artwork processes can involve thousands of people. Keeping track of everything can become a nightmare. Labelling and artwork play an important compliance role in communicating medicinal formulation; usage instructions, safety & efficacy data, and patient information. In the pharma industry, a simple mistake in the labelling copy or on the packaging can result in a warning, a fine, a product recall or even a fatality.

You need a validated system which will manage your labelling and artwork on a local and global basis and track every single change to that product’s packaging as and when it happens. You need something that will speed up your processes, yet ensure that patient safety is adhered to at all times.

This is why we created GLAMS Enterprise, a solution for medium to large companies like yours, that need a system that is pharma proofed, compliant and fully validated. GLAMS Enterprise was created to help solve all the challenges professionals like you are faced with on a daily basis. We built the system exclusively for the pharma industry and can provide you with real-time information on what is happening on any job or project throughout its lifecycle.

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Achieve Better Results

Validation Made Easy!

GLAMS is a fully validated system. We provide a validation pack with every GLAMS Enterprise System. We are pharma experts and can help you every step of the way. GLAMS is proven to reduce the validation process substantially, by tracking, managing and auditing artwork workflows in a secure and accessible environment. Our collaborative solution allows you to increase approval process lead times and dramatically reduce cycle times.

Launch Your Product On Time Every Time

GLAMS has reduced artwork lifecycle revisions by 70%, from 24-weeks to just seven, for a top-10 pharma company client. By implementing GLAMS Enterprise as your artwork management system, you can ensure that all products are launched on time, every time and are entirely free from errors.

Best in Class Client Support  24/5

Support for GLAMS starts before the install. Our dedicated implementation team works with you to map out your processes, configuring GLAMS to your exact needs. After deployment, we carefully review its performance and make all the necessary adjustments to make sure you are getting the best possible experience. Then our dedicated support team takes over, giving you expert support and guidance whenever you need it.

Speed-up Your Labelling Artwork Approval Process

Save time through quick task assignment, easy to use proofing tools, best practice workflows and clear approval stages. Reduce wasted effort on tracking sign-off sheets, trawling through emails, searching for master files and clunky excel based trackers. Enhance your team’s ability to do even more with GLAMS, while benefiting from time and cost efficiencies.

Eliminate Stock Outs

With GLAMS Enterprise, our end-to-end digital workflow allows you to intelligently search and quickly distribute your digital artwork assets, ensuring any stock outs due to artwork issues will be eliminated.

Integrate with Other Systems Seamlessly

To deliver a unified environment, GLAMS Enterprise can be seamlessly integrated into your existing systems such as; ERP, PLM, change control and software comparison systems. Integration with SAP has reduced over 30,000 cut-and-paste actions, and 16,000 status updates per year for a top-10 pharma company client.

GLAMS Enterprise Features

  • Completely Configurable System
    • GLAMS’ menus, icons, data fields, and workflows can be customised to suit your exact needs.
  • Process Management – Powerful and Configurable Workflows/Routes
    • GLAMS is intuitive and easy to use. When one-time contributors, regular users, groups of users, and external third parties collaborate, you get notified only when you are needed.
  • Graphic & Text Proofing –  Best in Class Inspection Tools Built in 
    • Quickly identify errors and inconsistencies using the latest proofing tools, and collaborate with team members effortlessly.
  • “At a Glance” Dashboard  
    • Get a complete overview of all your tasks on the dashboard. Our traffic light system gives you a visual guide to your completed, in progress, on time and delayed projects.
  • Centralised Digital Asset Management
    • Build a definitive ‘Single Source of Truth’ by having one location for all your labelling and artwork assets. Upload and tag components, briefs, and keylines into a fully searchable database.
  • Extensive Security Features
    • Keep your system safe with SSO, electronic signatures, full admin powers and hosting on Perigord’s secure servers.
  • Online Approval
    • Forget paper. Save time and effort with GLAMS’ online approval capabilities. With electronic signatures and full job + user audits, every project is accounted for from beginning to end, with the exact approval stages set by you.
  • Reporting & business intelligence
    • A full suite of easily exportable reports comes as standard (Cycle Time, Right First Time, Reject Reasons, and Closed Job reports). GLAMS Analytics also provides powerful Business Intelligence tools.
  • GLAMS Link – Integration with ERP and many other platforms
    GLAMS is fully integrable with a wide variety of systems and platforms.
  • Tracking & auditing made easy
    • Track every job from beginning to end. Our traffic light system gives you a visual guide to your completed, in progress, on time and delayed projects. Create an audit report easily.

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