Quality is At the Heart of Everything We Do At Perigord

Patient safety and risk mitigation are our primary focus. Our culture of operational excellence, GMP/GAMP compliant processes and how we have developed our Quality Management System are all in service of that.

Quality doesn’t just factor in at the last step of a project, or the last stage of a job. Every step from planning to final delivery is carefully drawn up with pre-defined processes, agreed upon targets, quality checks and constant communication with you. Ultimately, this also facilitates a reduced artwork lifecycle and improved proofing leadtimes.

Perigord Global Quality Team

Global Quality Team

Quality Systems

These systems drive our industry leading metrics, affirming our efforts to constantly improve and stay on the cutting edge of best practice.



Achieving Client Excellence is our metrics system. Through ACE, we constantly measure all of our internal Right First Time KPIs, across all of our teams.

We closely examine the results alongside our clients, working together to consistently meet targets and maximise efficiency.



Our Corrective Action/Preventative Action process is one of our best risk mitigation tools that quickly identifies any potential non-conformity or undesirable situations before they eventuate. With this systematic approach, we can deal with issues that might occur in any project along the supply chain before they cause real disruption.


Define SOPs

Before any GLAMS project gets underway, we devise Standard Operation Procedures (SOPs) to suit the specific needs our clients. Together we lay out industry best practice procedures that align with our client’s culture and goals. This gives all of our clients full visibility over exactly what will happen once any project starts.


Lean Processes

We are always working to be as efficient, cost-effective and risk-free as possible. By adopting a lean process approach, we ensure that all our tasks and projects follow this philosophy.

Quality Standards

Our Quality ethos is backed by our commitment to industry standards.


ISO 9001:2015

Our ISO 9001:2015 certification is the foundation of our Quality Management System and our ongoing effort to enhance client satisfaction.

Demonstrates our ability to consistently provide products and services that meet our client’s needs.

Ensures our adherence to all relevant regulatory and statutory requirements in any project.

Drives constant improvement of all of our processes and metrics.


PS 9000:2016

The PS9000:2016 is a quality standard specifically designed for pharmaceutical packaging.

Works in tandem with ISO 9001 to provide a framework to ensure Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)/Good Automated Manufacturing Practice (GAMP) compliance.

Perigord were the first company to receive PS 9000:2016 certification for software development – giving you peace of mind that our Artwork Management System, GLAMS, is GMP/GAMP compliant.

Prioritises security and safety of all products and services.

Partners to Life Science Industries




Medical Devices

Centralised Global QMS Certified to ISO 9001:2015 & PS 9000:2016