Emerging, Small & Virtual Pharma Solution

You need a system that is validated from day 1, ensures compliance every step of the process, and keeps all your artwork secure and in one location. We have predefined pharma artwork workflows built in. You want to be assured that as you grow, your artwork and labelling can scale with you. GLAMS Q allows you to do this and more, a web-based solution, cost-effective, easy to use and developed by Pharmaceutical artwork experts.

GLAMS Q has been developed for emerging, small and virtual pharma companies, with a smaller no of SKU’s but who still need a validated system which is compliant from day one.

Rapid Deployment  8-12 weeks

No lengthy scoping phase, no expensive configuration costs, just precise, swift and expert implementation. While it may take some systems up to nine months to install, we’ll have the system fully installed in just eight to twelve weeks from project sign-off. Full validation pack provided. Workflows come pre-configured by our own Life Science artwork process experts. Find out more about GLAMS Q

GLAMS Artwork Tracker

Web-based, low-maintenance platform

GLAMS Q requires zero infrastructure, hosted on our own secure servers and supported by our dedicated team. Your IT team, internal or external, will never have to deal with a GLAMS Q related support ticket. Being web-based means you can use the platform on any browser or device, while still being backed up by full audit trails and security features to prevent unwanted access.

Built-in Proofing & Comparison Tools with Centralised Digital Assets Repository

Powerful proofing tools let your artwork team collaborate in real-time, with a wide variety of file types, making their life easier and your cycle times faster. You can be assured they are always using the latest master file from the digital repository in GLAMS Q, which can also be used to store briefs, regulatory information and more.

GLAMS Q proofing and library

Create Compliant Artwork Quickly and Cost-effectively

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