4 Common Pharma Artwork Hurdles & How to Avoid Them

Let’s think about this: after years of hard work, team efforts and approvals, your product is finally on a pharmacy shelf.

Your company celebration and kudos does not last long as someone spots an artwork issue. In other words: here comes the recall. Yes, the worst-case scenario. We guess you won’t sleep very well until this nightmare is over.

If you are looking for fully compliant and error-free pharma artworks to hit the market efficiently while reducing your stress levels, keep an eye on the following four most common pharma artwork hurdles:

One: Artwork process problems:

Outdated and inefficient manual systems, systematic errors, inconsistencies, process gaps… all of them will develop into artwork errors. Too many assets, too many emails, too many people.

Two: Compliance burdens:

Labelling needs to be compliant with local regulations and current Good Manufacturing Practice, and this is probably the biggest concern for pharma companies. As these two become more and more complex over time, we need to ensure not only our company is fully aligned but also all the suppliers we use to go to market.

Three: Speed issues:

After the artwork change is agreed, there is a rush to go to market as soon as possible. Every day that passes without the product on the shelfs results in losses for the company. But working under huge pressure is when mistakes are more likely to happen.

Four: Quality issues:

Sometimes errors do not necessitate a recall, but they are still quality defects. Even though you don’t have to start a recall, there can be potential quality control issues throughout the artwork process, and each of them have to be taken seriously.

So, how to avoid these common pharma artwork hurdles?

Pharma companies need to keep full control of their end-to-end artwork processes, making sure they are building quality into them. Reducing the risk of errors at every stage, ensuring they are 100% GMP compliant, and managing interactions and communications with stakeholders and suppliers are the key priorities.

How to achieve that depends on the company, but one of the best ways today is through an Artwork Management System (AMS). Many of these are specifically designed for pharma companies to drive quality, security and GMP compliance while bringing better visibility to the full end-to-end artwork process.

Top pharma companies are choosing GLAMS, (Global Artwork Management System), Perigord’s pharma focused AMS, enables you to gain full control over your artwork processes, avoid hurdles, align with the industry regulations and thus improve your business results.

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